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In addition to traditional design and project management, Ai2 offers a number of other services including building analysis, building renovations, exterior surveys and inspection services.





Building Analysis
As new technology is developed, building use may change. Over time buildings need to be evaluated to make sure that space is being used efficiently and the structural integrity of the building has not been compromised.
Architects Incorporated can perform an inspection of your entire building. We can also address specific structural problems such as floor loading, bearing capabilities and support analysis as well as surveying compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our staff has attended seminars concerning the Americans With Disabilities Act. Specialized software allows us to perform these surveys efficiently and economically.


After the inspection of your building, Architects Incorporated will prepare a thorough report of our findings. This report will outline present and potential problems and make recommendations for solutions and prevention. The report can also offer suggestions for machinery and storage locations and heavy equipment traffic flow.
Architects Incorporated can complement the report with our design services. We have experience in designing a variety of building types with many different requirements.






Building Renovations
As a business grows and develops, it's building requirements change. The demands of modern business have created new building needs. New technology and work patterns cannot always be accommodated effectively in existing building layouts. The nature of a business and the abilities and requirements of its staff can evolve into an entirely different atmosphere than when the space was originally designed.
Along with these changes, a business or building owner must also deal with maintenance problems, wear and tear on wall and floor coverings, lighting, efficiency of HVAC systems, noise control, etc.
Your building may need only minor improvements, or it could require major renovations and additions. In either case, it is important to have thorough evaluations of your existing spaces to plan for any changes that need to be made. Surveys and investigations by Architects Incorporated can reveal the most economical approach to renovations. We can also save you the time and aggravation of dealing with details such as material choices, contractors, etc. This enables you to concentrate on running your business.


Some types of services that we have provided for our clients are:
Work environment improvement
Air infiltration and noise problem solving
Lighting and HVAC improvement
Structural problems analysis
Record drawings of existing facilities
Traffic flow analysis
Wallcovering replacement
Carpet replacement
Ceiling cleaning
Floor covering replacement
Door and hardware replacement
Energy audits
Space planning and utilization

Architects Incorporated's expertise can create a pleasant and productive atmosphere in your building.






Exterior Surveys
Just as your car needs to be serviced periodically, your building needs periodic maintenance also. Building materials deteriorate over time. Materials expand and contract with temperature fluctuations and moisture penetration. Ultraviolet rays from the sun cause breakdowns and changes in the composition of materials. Freezing moisture can cause spalling in brick and block that can eventually cause the masonry to flake and crumble.
The exterior condition of a building affects the interior condition of the building and its inhabitants. Moisture penetration can cause mildew problems, deterioration of woodwork and make the building feel clammy. Water under the building can raise the foundation and cause the plaster to crack and doors to stick. Air infiltration, along with poor insulation, is one of the biggest causes of energy loss in a building.


As experts in evaluating exterior building and site conditions, Architects Incorporated can detect conditions that may lead to future problems or material failures. Our roofing specialist has been analyzing and solving exterior building problems for more than a decade. We recognize not only specific conditions, but their causes and effects on other elements of the structure.
Like regular oil changes, early detection and maintenance to your building can prevent recurrent material failures and the need for costly repairs in the future. Architects Incorporated can make evaluations and recommendations for repair or replacement of problem areas. We can help you maintain the quality of your investment.





Inspection Services
An important part of any construction project is the assurance of quality work and materials. Regular inspections of the construction site are essential in maintaining this quality. Architects Incorporated II provides these services for both our own projects and for other firms from outside our local area. For the $16 million Market Center project we provided inspection services for both the owner and the bank financing the project.
Architects Incorporated II is experienced in recognizing material failures, poor installation and construction errors, etc. Our inspections can be a valuable asset. This is especially true when the construction site is located away from the owner developer or financier.
Architects Incorporated II's inspection services include processing payment request applications, photographic documentation of the construction site and written field reports. These detailed field reports provide the information needed to make informed decisions.


We also provide construction administration and interior and exterior surveys. We can prepare or review contracts, review shop drawings and oversee quality testing.
Because we work as an independent entity, we can make objective, accurate observations. We can inspect the property to insure the quality of work and accuracy of payment requests and progress reports. We can also be a liaison between bankers, owners, developers and contractors.
By providing these services, Architects Incorporated can help insure that you get the best quality for your investment.