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A well-designed educational facility enhances the learning experience for both student and teacher. Proper lighting and acoustics allow students to focus their attention on the work at hand. Space relationships, building geometry, and color can create an atmosphere that is conducive for creative thought. Proper selection of materials along with good building details can create a building that is economical to build and operate, allowing schools to use their resources for providing quality education.
Architects Incorporated II has designed and overseen numerous projects in educational facilities including classroom renovation, vinyl wall covering replacement, floor covering (e.g. carpet, vinyl composition tile, resilient and flocked flooring) and rubber base replacement, classroom design, locker replacement, acoustic studies, ceiling cleaning and replacement, roof replacement, and masonry restoration.
In the last several years we have coordinated enough carpet to replace the parquet at Boston Gardens 40 times and enough vinyl wall covering to cover the Washington Monument three times over.
We have worked with school principals, building supervisors, athletic directors and custodians to make sure that each individual project combines durable, attractive materials and quality installation with the least disruption to students, staff and administration. Our accurate estimates, detailed specifications and bid documents insure that each project will be completed according to the budget and time tables required.


Clients Served

Elkhart Community Schools
Elkhart, Indiana

Memorial High
Central High
Pierre Moran Middle
West Side Middle
Rice School
Elkhart Area
Career Center
Bristol Elementary
Mary Daly Elementary
Woodland Elementary
Horizon Learning Center

Mishawaka Schools
Mishawaka, Indiana

John Young Middle
Hums Middle
Schmucker Middle
Grissom Middle
Elm Road Elementary
Northside Elementary

Bethel College
Dining Hall

Mishawaka, Indiana

Lake Central Schools
St. John, Indiana

Protsman Elementary
Kolling Elementary
Kahler Middle


South Bend Community School
South Bend, Indiana

John Adams High
LaSalle High
Riley High
Greene Elementary
Colfax Elementary
Muessel Elementary
Darden Elementary
Nuner Elementary
Hamilton Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Marshall Elementary
Perley Elementary
Maple Lane Elementary
Marquette Elementary

LaVille Elementary School
LaVille, Indiana

Cassopolis Schools
Cassopolis, Michigan

Cassopolis High School
Geneva School
Vandalia School
Squires School
Brookside School
Red Brick School